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Conversation Club Instituto de Inglés América

Friday! 5 to 7 p.m. Cultural Friday at Instituto de Inglés América Matriz.

Conversation Club, Theater, Movie Club, Friends, Music, Fun, and Much
more. Join us and invite your friends. Bring some snacks and something
to drink!!!
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Curso de Verano "Inglés y Mucho Más" para niños, Jo... on Twitpic

Curso de Verano "Inglés y Mucho Más" para niños, Jo... on Twitpic

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The Importance of Fathers

The Importance of Fathers

By Rexanne Mancini

There is no doubt that mothers play an all-important leading role in the lives of their children. They are the obvious heroes of child rearing. But what about a father's role? Just how important are the dads of the world compared to the almighty image of mother? My belief is that fathers play just as important a role as mothers. Different, yes. Possibly not as nurturing, not as all-sacrificing but just as important in the developmental and emotional well being of a child.

Dads are the solid foundation of our lives. They are the shore we swim to when our arms and legs feel increasingly tired. They are the strength we rely on as we take our first tentative steps into the world. Dads can be tender, tough, fragile or powerful but they are probably the most uncomplicated love we will ever know.

For daughters, Daddy is the first man they adore ... the first man whose eyes shine with overwhelming amazement when they look at us. He is the first man to fall in love with us.

For sons, Daddy is the idol they first aspire to emulate ... their mirror image of what will be and possibly the only man they will ever feel comfortable loving.

Daddy is the first man who held us, as a loving parent, with a lump in his throat so huge, only the joy of that love could erase the overwhelming pain of choking on unexpected raw emotion. I think when a father holds his newborn baby, he is touched by pure vulnerability for the first time in his adult life, leaving him forever humbled by the unexplained miracles of life.

For mothers, the father of our children is the one person we can trust to watch over our babies as closely as we would. We are secure in the knowledge of their love for our precious offspring. Dad is the only other person in the world as fascinated with every nuance and murmur of our babies. He is the one person on the planet with whom we can indulge our need to brag and carry on about our kid's accomplishments and heartaches ad nauseum ... one who will be just as interested and never yawn in the face of our devotion.

Without dads, we wouldn't be moms. I would like to take the liberty of thanking them from all our hearts for this honor and for being our partners in this business of raising children.

Know how much you are loved and revered, guys! You are our trusted soldiers and we need you more than you will ever realize.

Copyright – 2000-2004- Rexanne Mancini
Rexanne Mancini is the mother of two daughters, Justice and Liberty. She is a novelist, freelance writer and maintains an extensive yet informal parenting and family web site, – -Visit her site for good advice, award-winning Internet holiday pages and some humor to help you cope. Subscribe to her free newsletter, Rexanne’s Web Review, for a monthly dose of Rexanne:

"A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child."

- Knights of Pythagoras

Whether you're a daddy-to-be or a seasoned granddad, Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to bask in the glow of your family's affection and appreciation. This year, you can also make Father's Day an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. Ask yourself: Are you the father you always wanted to be? Are you the father your children deserve?

The History of Father's Day

Father's Day, contrary to popular misconception, was not established as a holiday in order to help greeting card manufacturers sell more cards.

In fact when a "father's day" was first proposed there were no Father's Day cards!

Mrs. John B. Dodd, of Washington, first proposed the idea of a "father's day" in 1909. Mrs. Dodd wanted a special day to honor her father, William Smart. William Smart, a Civil War veteran, was widowed when his wife (Mrs. Dodd's mother) died in childbirth with their sixth child. Mr. Smart was left to raise the newborn and his other five children by himself on a rural farm in eastern Washington state. It was after Mrs. Dodd became an adult that she realized the strength and selflessness her father had shown in raising his children as a single parent.

The first Father's Day was observed on June 19, 1910 in Spokane Washington.

At about the same time in various towns and cities across American other people were beginning to celebrate a "father's day.".

In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of a national Father's Day. Finally in 1966 President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father's Day.

Father's Day has become a day to not only honor your father, but all men who act as a father figure. Stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers, and adult male friends are all honored on Father's Day.

Jokes about Dad

One evening a little girl and her parents were sitting around the table eating supper. The little girl said, "Daddy, you're the boss, aren't you?" Her Daddy smiled, pleased, and said yes. The little girl continued "That's because Mummy put you in charge, right?"

What Makes A Dad Author is unknown

God took the strength of a mountain,

The majesty of a tree,

The warmth of a summer sun,

The calm of a quiet sea,

The generous soul of nature,

The comforting arm of night,

The wisdom of the ages,

The power of the eagle's flight,

The joy of a morning in spring,

The faith of a mustard seed,

The patience of eternity,

The depth of a family need,

Then God combined these qualities,

When there was nothing more to add,

He knew His masterpiece was complete,

And so, He called it ... Dad

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Student's Day, Congratulations!

"Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and the profit of the community to which your later work belongs." ~Albert Einstein 

Happy Student´s Day 2011

To be a student

          It is easy to find a definition of what it is to be a student. All we have to do is open a dictionary in the right place and it will give us the answer. But that is not the kind of definition we want. We want to investigate it; we want to find out what a real student is. A true student is not one who approves exams, gets a job and then closes all the books. Being a student means to study the life, not just read the few books required by the curriculum; it implies to observe everything along the life, not just a few things in a given period. A student certainly is not only that who reads, but that who is capable of observing all movements of life, the external and internal, without saying: "This is good, that is bad." If we condemn something, then we don’t observe it. To observe it, we have to study it without condemning, without comparing. If the teacher compares a student with any other, he is not studying him. If he compares him with his younger brother or elder sister, his brother or his sister are the important, then he is not studying him.

          But all our education consists of comparing. We are perpetually comparing ourselves with someone or other: with the guru, with our ideal, our father who is so smart, a great politician... This process of comparison and condemnation prevents us from observing, studying. So the real student is the one who observes everything in life, both externally and internally, without compare, approve or condemn. Not only is capable of investigating scientific issues, but he can also observe the operations of his own mind, of his own feelings, which is much harder than to observe a scientific fact. To understand all the working of the own mind itself requires a great deal of discernment, a lot of research exempt of condemnation.

Ser estudiante.

Es muy fácil encontrar una definición de lo que es ser estudiante. Todo lo que tenemos que hacer es abrir un diccionario en el lugar apropiado y se nos dará la respuesta. Pero ésa no es la clase de definición que queremos. Deseamos investigar sobre ello, queremos averiguar qué es un verdadero estudiante. Un verdadero estudiante no es aquél que aprueba exámenes, consigue un empleo y después cierra todos los libros. Ser un estudiante significa estudiar la vida, no sólo leer los pocos libros requeridos por el programa de estudios; implica observarlo todo a lo largo de la vida, no sólo unas cuantas cosas en un período determinado. Un estudiante, ciertamente, no es sólo el que lee, sino el que es capaz de observar todos los movimientos de la vida, los externos y los internos, sin decir: "esto es bueno, aquello es malo". Si condenamos algo no lo observamos. Para observarlo tenemos que estudiarlo sin condenar, sin comparar. Si el maestro compara un estudiante con algún otro, no le está estudiando. Si le compara con su hermano menor o su hermana mayor, los importantes son su hermano o su hermana; por lo tanto, no le está estudiando.

Pero toda nuestra educación consiste en comparar. Nos estamos comparando perpetuamente a nosotros mismos o a otros con alguien: con el gurú, con nuestro ideal, con nuestro padre que es tan inteligente, un gran político... Este proceso de comparación y condena nos impide observar, estudiar. De manera que el verdadero estudiante es aquél que lo observa todo en la vida, tanto externa como internamente, sin comparar, aprobar ni condenar. No sólo es capaz de investigar cuestiones científicas, sino que también puede observar las operaciones de su propia mente, de sus propios sentimientos, lo cual es mucho más difícil que observar un hecho científico. Comprender todo el funcionamiento de la propia mente requiere una gran dosis de discernimiento, muchísima investigación exenta de condena.

Taken from: Pagina de la vida

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May 15th. Happy Teacher's Day

Happy Teacher's Day

"I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework."  ~Lily Tomlin as "Edith Ann"

The celebration of Teacher's Day is a tradition observed in many countries on different dates, but in México we celebrate it on May 15th. We offer a sincere congratulation to all our teachers, in special those at Institutos de Inglés América.

Go Ahead and Never give up!!!

The Art of Teaching

From: tarannau20, 1 year ago

Quotes about teaching

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World Teacher's Day History

World Teacher's Day history is associated with the adoption of Recommendation concerning the status of teachers. Read on to know more about Happy World Teachers' Day origin.

On 5 October 1966, the world's teachers made a giant step forward. A Special Intergovernmental Conference adopted the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. This Recommendation, for the first time ever, gave teachers, throughout the world, an instrument that defines their responsibilities and asserts their rights.

UNESCO inaugurated World Teacher's Day on 5th October 1994. This day was selected to commemorate the adoption of UNESCO/ILO joint Recommendation. World Teacher's Day also highlights the Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher Education Teaching Pe rsonnel. World Teacher's Day is celebrated in almost 100 countries. It lays emphasis on the achievements and contributions of the teachers around the world.

Education International strongly believes that World Teacher's Day should be internationally recognized and celebrated around the world. It also believes that, on this date, the principles of the 1966 and 1997 Recommendations should be considered for implementation in all nations. The efforts of Education International and its 348 member organizations have led to the wide spread recognition of World Teacher's Day. Every year, Education International launches a public awareness campaign to highlight the contributions of the teaching profession.


Much of what is known about Confucius life is legendary. It is hard to separate facts from fiction. Confucius was born in 551 BCE in the city of Qufu, which was located in the Chinese State of Lu (now part of present-day Shandong Province). His original name was K'ung Ch'iu. Confucius was born into a poor family. His father was a commander of a district in Lu. But, Confucius nevertheless received a fine education. He was married at the age of 19 and had one son and two daughters.

Confucius taught in his school for many years. His theories and principles were spread throughout China by his disciples, and soon many people learned from his wise sayings. Some of Confucius quotes, famous around the world are:

• Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have.• They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.

• It is not possible for one to teach others who cannot teach his own family.• The superior man is modest in his speech but exceeds in his actions.

• He who merely knows right principles is not equal to him who loves them.• To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.

• We don't know yet about life, how can we know about death?• Mankind differs from the animals only by a little, and most people throw that away.

• If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work another day in your life.

Confucius had no opportunity to put his theories to a public test until the age of 52. At 52, he was appointed magistrate of Chung-tu. The next year, he became Minister of crime of the state of Lu. His administration was successful; reforms were introduced, justice was fairly dispensed, and crime was almost eliminated. Lu became very powerful under Confucius. As a result, the ruler of a neighboring state maneuvered to secure the minister's dismissal.

Confucius left his office in 496 BC, traveling about and teaching, vainly hoping that some other prince would allow him to undertake measures of reform. In 484 BC, after a frui tless search for an ideal ruler, he returned for the last time to Lu. Confucius was then abandoned from his province and he wandered about China for 13 years. When Confucius was 69 years old, he returned to Lu, his home state.

Confucius died 3 years after settling in Lu - 479 BC. After Confucius died, he was buried in a grave in the city of Ch'uFu, Shandong. Today the site of his final resting place is the beautiful K'ung Forest.

When Confucius died, many people built temples in every city of China to honor him and his work. Since Confucius teachings and philosophy were so advanced, it became the education for China for 2,000 years. It is called Confucianism.

The word "teacher"

in over 50 languages

AFRIKAANS Onderwyser, ALBANIAN Mesuese, ASTURIAN Maestru, AYMARA Yatichiri, AZERI Muelim, BASQUE Irakasle, BRETON Skolaer, CATALAN Mestre, CORSICAN Maestru, CROATIAN Nastavnik, CZECH Ucitel, DANISH Laerer, DUTCH Leraar, ENGLISH Teacher, ESPERANTO Instruisto, ESTONIAN Opetaja, FAEROESE Laerari, FINNISH Opettaja, FRENCH Professeur, FRISIAN Learaar, GALICIAN Mestre, GERMAN Lehrer, GUARANI Mbo’ehara, HUNGARIAN Tanar, ICELANDIC Kennari, INDONESIAN Guru, IRISH Muinteoir, ITALIAN Maestro, JAPANESE Sensei, JUDEO-SPANISH Maestro, KOREAN sun-saeng-nim, LADINO Maester, LATIN Magister, LATVIAN Skolotajs, MALAY Pengajar, MALTESE Lekcerer, MAORI Kaiwhakaako, NORWEGIAN Laerer, OCCITAN Regent, PAPIAMENTO Instruktor, POLISH Nauczyciel, PORTUGUESE Mestre, QUECHUA Yachachijj, ROMANIAN Invatator, Profesor, ROMANSH Magister, SAMOAN Faia’oga, SLOVAK Ucitel, SPANISH Maestro, Profesor, SWAHILI Malimu, TAGALOG Guro, WELSH Athro, YUCATEC Ka’nsah, ZULU Uthisha

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May 10th. Mothers' Day in Mexico. Congratulations!

Happy Mothers´ Day

Mother’s Day - May 10

By: Slade Ogletree
In Mexico, Mothers Day is always celebrated on May 10 as opposed to the Mothers Day in US that fall on the second Sunday in the month of May. Mothers Day in Mexico is celebrated in a colorful fashion. Children honor their mothers and thank them for their efforts in bringing them up. According to a custom in Mexico, sons and daughters come to the Family Home on the eve of Mothers Day on May 9.Recognition of Día de las Madres” or Mothers Day began in 1922 when a journalist, Rafael Alducín wrote an article advocating the celebration of Mother's Day in all of Mexico. Though the practice had already spread to parts of Mexico, Alducín’s article led to widespread observance of the holiday, and May 10 became the universal day of celebration in Mexico.On Mother's Day people in Mexico send gifts of flowers and cards to their mothers. There is also a tradition of giving gifts on Mothers Day. While the older children generally buy gifts from the store, the younger ones may prepare handmade gifts to honor their mothers. In several schools Mothers Day functions are organized where little ones present skits and songs to their Moms to express their gratitude and love.
You can read the full article at Baja Insider Magazine
Watch this video at:

The History of Mother's Day

Celebrating motherhood is a historical tradition dating back almost as far as mothers themselves. A number of ancient cultures paid tribute to mothers as goddesses, including the ancient Greeks, who celebrated Rhea, the mother of all gods. The ancient Romans also honored their mother goddess, Cybele, in a notoriously rowdy springtime celebration and the Celtic Pagans marked the coming of spring with a fertility celebration linking their goddess Brigid together with the first milk of the ewes.
During the 17th century, those living on the British isles initiated a religious celebration of motherhood, called Mothering Sunday, which was held on the forth Sunday during the Lenten season. This holiday featured the reunification of mothers and their children, separated when working class families had to send off their young children to be employed as house servants. On Mothering Sunday, the child servants were allowed to return home for the day to visit with their parents. The holiday's popularity faded in the 19th century, only to be reincarnated during World War II when U.S. servicemen reintroduced the sentimental (and commercial) aspects of the celebration American counterpart.
In the United States,
Mother's Day experienced a series of false starts before eventually transitioning into the "Hallmark" holiday that we celebrate today. In 1858, Anna Reeves Jarvis was the first woman to hold an official celebration of mothers, when in her home state of West Virginia, she instituted Mothers' Work Day to raise awareness about local sanitation issues. During the Civil War, she expanded the scope of Mothers' Work Day to include sanitary conditions on both sides of the battlefield.
Meanwhile Julia Ward Howe, author of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic," attempted to institute a national celebration of mothers that honored women's inclinations toward peace (rather than cleanliness). In 1872, she initiated and promoted a Mother's Day for Peace, to be held on June 2, which was celebrated the following year by women in 18 cities across America. The holiday continued to be honored by Bostonian women for another decade, but eventually phased out after Howe stopped underwriting the cost of the celebrations.
Then in 1905, Anna Reeves Jarvis passed away and her daughter, Anna Jarvis, took up her mother's torch. Anna swore on her mother's gravesite that she would realize her lifelong dream of creating a national day to honor mothers. In 1907, Anna launched her campaign by handing out white
carnations to congregants at her mother's church in Grafton, West Virginia. In 1908, her mother's church acquiesced to Anna's request to hold a special Sunday service in honor of mothers - a tradition that spread the very next year to churches in 46 states. In 1909, Anna left her job and dedicated herself to a full-time letter-writing campaign, imploring politicians, clergymen and civic leaders to institute a national day for mothers.
In 1912, Jarvis' efforts met with success: Her home state of West Virginia adopted an official Mother's Day; two years later, the U.S. Congress passed a Joint Resolution, signed by President Wilson, establishing a national Mother's Day emphasizing the role of women in their families - and not, like Julia Ward Howe's campaign, in the public arena. Ever since, Mother's Day has been celebrated by Americans on the second Sunday in May.
Perhaps the country's greatest proponent of motherhood, Anna Jarvis ironically never had children of her own. Yet that didn't stop her from making the celebration of Mother's Day her lifelong mission. In fact, as the holiday took on a life of its own, Jarvis expressed frequent dismay over its growing commercialization. "I wanted it to be a day of sentiment, not profit," she is quoted as saying.

Taken from:
Mothers’ day
Mother's Day on the Net - The History (AKA Her-story) of Mother's Day

Tips & Tricks for Mom

Finding your mother a nice gift for Mother's Day can be a hard task but have no fear as I found some inexpensive treats for mom. Here are some ideas on how to make the day special:

Tell your mother how much you love her and give her a big hug. She will see and feel your sincerity and love.
Buying a cheesy card is lame but making one for her with pictures of you and her or the whole family is a treasured memory forever. You can never go wrong with this and I doubt it will cost you much or anything at all.
Bring her breakfast in bed, volunteer to watch your siblings and let her enjoy a quiet bubble bath to relax. She will definitely feel special and grateful.
A Spa Day is an ultimate treat. No woman likes not to be pampered so send her to the spa to get a facial, manicure, pedicure and massage or whatever you think she would like. Give her the ultimate treat mom will absolutely be glad for a little R & R (Rest & Relaxation) especially if she is a little stressed.
If a spa day is a little out of your budget then nothing is wrong with creating your own home spa. Volunteer to give her a pedicure and manicure and make a bubble bath so that she can relax and unwind. Also you can make her a gift spa basket if this is easier to do and less time consuming.
Make mom or grandma a nice pretty picture frame and put a picture of the two of you together in it. Nothing beats having those special memories cherished.
Another great idea is to make her a personalised gift basket. Put things in it that she would definitely enjoy eating or making. This is costs much less than buying a gift basket and she will be thankful for all the time and effort you put into it.
My mother loves my brother's art works and last year he drew her a rose(which is her favourite flower) and she loves it and up to this day the painting is still hanging in our family room amongst other paintings that he did over the years. If you have artistic and creative skills then draw or paint her one of her favourite things in the whole entire world or make her a scrap book of your favourite artworks that she loves.
A Conair Massaging Heating Pad is great for any mom but more so the stressed - out one. This pad "both heats and vibrates to relax tight muscles and help heal damaged ones. A control switch permits adjustment of the massage function between high and low. And either the vibrations or heat can be turned off so the pad can deliver one without the other". It can be used to massage and heat and relieve muscle aches and pains. This wonderful gift is going for US$30 on amazon.
Cleaning or tidying up the house for her and doing your own laundry is a great surprise for her. Let her know how much you value you her and things that she does for you and on her special day you are giving her the day Trust me this will make her smile and most importantly do not forget to wish her a Happy Mother's Day.
Go out and get her favourite flowers. She will love it, sometimes it is the small gifts that mean the most and are more sentimental.

I wish you all the best and truly hope that you make this Mother's Day a very special one for mom. Also remember that some of these ideas can be applied to your grandmother and there is nothing wrong with calling your aunt or a relative to wish them a Happy Mother's Day they will appreciate it.

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Children Learn What They Live
By Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D.

If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy.
If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy.
If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty.
If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal.
If children live with sharing, they learn generosity.
If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect.
If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and in those about them.
If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

What is a Boy?

Between the innocence of babyhood and the dignity of manhood, we find a

delightful creature called a boy. Boys come in assorted sizes, weights and

colors, but all boys have the same creed: to enjoy every second of every

minute of every hour of every day and to protest with noise (their only

weapon) when their last minute is finished and the adult males pack them off

to bed at night.

Boys are found everywhere---on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on,

swinging from, running around or jumping to. Mothers love them, little girls

ignore them, older sisters and brothers tolerate them, adults ignore them, and

Heaven protects them.

A boy is Truth with dirt on his face. Beauty with a cut on its finger,

Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair and Hope of the future with a frog in its


When you are busy a boy is an inconsiderate, bothersome, intruding jangle of

noise. When you want him to make an impression, his brain turns to jelly or

else he becomes a savage, sadistic, jungle creature bent on destroying the

world and himself with it.

A boy is a composite---he has the appetite of a horse, the digestion of a

sword swallower, the energy of a pocket-size atomic bomb, the curiosity of a

cat, the lungs of a dictator, the imagination of a Paul Bunyan, the shyness

of a violet, the audacity of a steel trap, the enthusiasm of a fire cracker,

and when he makes something he has five thumbs on each hand.

He likes ice cream, knives, saws, Christmas, comic books, the boy across the

street, woods, water (in its natural habitat), large animals, Dads, trains,

Saturday mornings and fire engines.

He is not much for Sunday school, company, school, books without pictures,

music lessons, neckties, barbers, girls, overcoats, adults, or bedtime.

None else is so early to rise or so late to supper. Nobody else gets so much

fun out of trees, dogs and breezes. Nobody else can cram in one pocket-a

rusty knife, a half eaten apple, three feet of string, an empty Bull Durham

sack, two gum drops, six cents, a sling shot, a chunk of unknown substance and

a genuine supersonic ring with a secret compartment.

A boy is a magical creature---you can lock him out of your kitchen, but you

can't lock him out of your heart. You can get him out of your study, but not

out of your mind.

Might as well give up---he is your captor, your jailer, your boss and your

master. A freckled-faced, pint-sized, cat-chasing bundle of noise.

When you come home at night with only the shattered pieces of your hopes and

dreams---he can mend them all like new with the two magic words----Hi MOM / HI DAD

Volkswagen captured the essence of a little boy being a little boy. Enjoy it!

What is a girl?

Little girls are the nicest things that happen to people. They are born with

a little bit of angel shine about them and though it wears thin sometimes,

there is always enough left to lasso your heart---even when they are sitting

in the mud, or crying temperamental tears, or parading up the street in

mother's best clothes.

A little girl can be sweeter (and badder) oftener than anyone else in the

world. She can jitter around and stomp, and make funny noises that frazzle

your nerves, yet just when you open your mouth, she stands there demure with

that special look in her eyes. A girl is innocence playing in the mud, Beauty

standing on its head, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot.

Girls are available in five colors---black, white, red, yellow, or brown, yet

Mother Nature always manages to select your favorite color when you place your

order. They disprove the law of supply and demand--there are millions of

little girls, but each is as precious as rubies.

God borrows from many creatures to make a little girl. He uses the song of a

bird, the squeal of a pig, the stubbornness of a mule, the antics of a monkey,

the spryness of a grasshopper, the curiosity of a cat, the speed of a gazelle,

the slyness of a fox, the softness of a kitten, and to top it all off, He adds

the mysterious mind of a woman.

A little girl likes new shoes, party dresses, small animals, first grade,

noise makers, the girl nest door, dolls, make-believe, dancing lessons, ice

cream, kitchens, coloring books, make-up, cans of water, going visiting, tea

parties and one boy. Se doesn't care much for visitors, boys in general,

large dogs, hand-me-downs, straight chairs, vegetables, snow suits, or staying

in the front yard. She is loudest when you are thinking, the prettiest when

she has provoked you, the busiest at bed time, the quietest when you want to

show her off and the most flirtatious when she absolutely must not get the

best of you again.

Who else can cause you more grief, joy, irritation, satisfaction,

embarrassment, and genuine delight that this combination of Eve, Salome, and

Florence Nightengale? She can muss up your home, your hair, and your

dignity---spend your money, your time, and your temper---then just when your

patience is ready to crack, her sunshine peeks through and you've lost again.

Yes, she is a nerve-wracking nuisance, just a noisy bundle of mischief…but

just when your patience is ready to crack, her sunshine peeks through and

you've lost again.

Yes, she is a nerve-racking nuisance, just a noisy bundle of mischief. But

when your dreams tumble down and the whole world is a mess----when it seems

you are pretty much of a fool after all---she can make you a king when she

climbs on your knee and whispers.

"I love you best of all!"
Instituto de inglés “América” April 30th, 2011.